The ROOT Brands Clayton Thomas Dr. Christina Rahm

T he ROOT Brands is a social sharing community platform that has quickly been joined by over a hundred thousand customers in over 60 countries and was launched on February 2, 2020 by Clayton Thomas in Nashville, Tennessee together with Dr. Christina Rahm was founded. The idea behind ROOT Brands and its affiliate marketing concept is to create something meaningful. For the founding couple, ROOT is the quintessence of 40 years of life experiences and relationships.

More than 100,000 customers and around 10,000 brand ambassadors

“We don’t believe in overnight success. What looks like this at first glance is usually the result of long preparation,” says Clayton Thomas, who sees himself as a non-conformist innovator. “My vision and what I consider to be my purpose in life flowed into a new approach to selling to end customers. We see ROOT as a system that was modeled through our experiences and insights from dealing with other people. Our commitment is also reflected in our International Science Nutrition Society membership.”

Sales expected to be over $50 million

To date, this new approach has reached more than 100,000 customers and around 10,000 brand ambassadors on four continents. 20 permanent employees currently work for the owner-managed ROOT Wellness LLC. Dr. Christina Rahm, co-founder and chief science officer: “In November 2021 we had a monthly turnover of one million US dollars. For 2022 we expect 50 million plus. We chose affiliate marketing because consumers are already part of a global network. This is how we use the power of personal recommendations via a social sharing community platform.”


This makes ROOT feasible for everyone: “There are no upfront investments. You register as a customer and once you have referred two personal customers, you can become a brand ambassador.”

The goals, plans and visions for the future are correspondingly large. Clayton Thomas: “It's about TGD, total global dominance. We will launch Rahm Roast Coffee at the end of September 2022. It owes its exquisite taste to a unique detoxification process that results in freshly roasted beans free of mold and mycotoxins.”

A new skin care line and a cruelty-free, naturally derived care product for a full smile called Ella Pure is expected for October: “At the end of this year we want to bring the first anti-parasitic whitening toothpaste onto the market.” And just as Amazon is not focused on selling limited to books, Dr. Christina Rahm and Clayton Thomas more for and with ROOT: “Our roots lie in our health approach. But we want to change other industries and thus offer our community access to even more innovative products and services.”

The ROOT Brands Clayton Thomas Dr. Christina Rahm Products
The ROOT Brands Clayton Thomas Dr. Christina Rahm Products

ROOT's overall success is based on the product results of its users and high customer satisfaction

The founders of ROOT never claimed to cure diseases. Their products are intended to help rid the body of harmful substances and increase its performance. Dr. Christina Rahm and Clayton Thomas see their mission as helping people live their best lives.

“In order to do justice to this mission, we source primary products from all over the world,” explains the founding couple. “Since we couldn’t manage with just one production facility, we cooperate with the most renowned laboratories in the USA. In fact, we have a specialized manufacturing facility for each product. We produce 90 days in advance in Texas, New York, Florida, Las Vegas and Utah.”

Plants, seeds, oil, peels, origin and even the parent plants are checked before production

Tests of all batches and production according to pharmaceutical standards ensure premium quality and its best possible security: “Prior to production, plants, seeds, oil, peels, origin and even the parent plants are checked. This way we ensure that we receive natural, organic, cruelty-free, non-GMO and wheat-free products that are mostly vegan.”

All product formulations are based on patent-pending technology and trade secrets. The current top seller is CLEAN SLATE: GIVE ME BACK MY YOUTH, RESTORE and ZERO IN follow as high potentials. Just like production and products, research and development is also diversified: “Our numerous case studies and data analyzes are carried out worldwide.
Since September 2022, we have been working with the International Science Nutrition Society to collect information on the state of research in and products from over 60 countries. From November we will be a partner for healthcare providers with our CTC (Cure the Causes) line.
It will launch in Malta and expand globally by 2023.”

Also in preparation are the skin care line ELLA PURE, named after the daughter of the founding couple Merritt Ella, and RAHM ROAST coffee, in which mold and bacteria are eliminated during the roasting process: “ROOT stands for permanent innovation that leads to patents. But our recommendation and invitation-based social sharing business concept is our brightest highlight.”

The goal that led to the creation of ROOT Wellness LLC was to offer cutting-edge, premium products that create people the best possible quality of life for their body, mind and soul: “Some of our patent work takes an anti-aging approach. Our scientific background has made our range one of the fastest growing nutraceutical lines to date. All of this driven by the desire to improve people’s lives!”

The ROOT Brands Dr. Christina RahmScience
The ROOT Brands I Dr. Christina Rahm I Science

ROOT's scientific approach is based on profound insights into the interaction of body, mind and soul

Life is energy. The conception and formulation of the ROOT products is the responsibility of the mother of four and multi-talented scientific artist Dr. Christina Rahm. She is dedicated to solving even the biggest health problems by supporting physical and mental harmony.

“As a result of an environment full of toxins, our bodies are also affected by toxins. CLEAN SLATE helps to rid the body of these. RESTORE provides the necessary new energy. You expect full concentration and always our best from us. RELIVE Greens empowers us to live our best lives.

Thanks to the support of our telomeres, mitochondria and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, we counteract the effects of aging with IMMUNE DEFENSE SHIELD. NATURAL BARRIER SUPPORT is a kind of protective shield against environmental toxins. A polluted world leads to polluted people and mothers pass on their own toxins to their children.

ROOT products are designed because we deserve better. Before a healthy outside world comes the creation of a healthy world inside our bodies. I want to make this possible,” explains Dr. Christina Rahm her approach.

The ROOT Brands Dr. Christina Rahm The ROOT Brands Dr. Christina Rahm

Inspired by role models such as Jesus, Gandhi, Mohammed, Dali Lama and Mother Teresa, Dr. Christina Rahm knew from a very early age that she wanted to heal, serve and succeed

Dr. Christina Rahm was born in Poplar Bluff, Missouri and grew up in a small town in Dexter, Missouri. Her mother was a music teacher, her father a trainer and school principal. He later managed hospitals for the state of Missouri and helped special needs students. Dr. Rahm's ancestors came from the Middle East, Germany, Scotland, Ireland and America, including indigenous peoples such as Cherokee and Choctaw.

“I have worked for governments, philanthropic organizations and corporations in 85 countries,” concludes Dr. Christina Rahm summarizes her professional activities alongside ROOT: “In addition to my three driving forces of healing, service and success, I have a passion for painting, cooking, writing, skiing, volleyball and swimming. I consider my strengths to be my love for others and always seeing the good in people.”

She attributes her own success primarily to her toughness towards herself .

But too often she also thinks that she could have done more: “Sometimes I’m hard on people I love because I expect too much from them. But I’m working to change that.”

Before she finally joined ROOT, she had to sit out a year-long non-compete agreement. So she developed the formulations and otherwise remained in the background: “I then joined as interim CEO and later took on the roles of consultant, board member and scientific director. I am currently chairman of the board. I have also launched environmental, education and global philanthropic initiatives with UN Women for Peace, Tennessee Voices, Empowering Women in Agriculture and Treasured in partnership with ROOT.”

The ROOT Brands Dr. Christina Rahm

An extraordinary personality to whom role models such as Ghandi, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Thomas Edison, Esther, King David, Buddha, Mohammed and Mother Teresa as well as her Christian parents contributed: “My average working day is 16 hours and ROOT enables me to what I love: Healing, serving and seeking success.”

ROOT Wellness LLC is based on mission, kindness, integrity, health, wellness and love. I see this every day in our great community and feel blessed.

Her degrees: Masters of Science University of South Alabama, Doctorate Degree of Counseling Psychology Argosy University South Florida (EdD), Doctorate of Counseling Psychology University of Sarasota (EdD), Doctorate of Strategic Sciences Charter International (PhD), Honorary Doctorate Degree in Pharmaceutical Science Gracepoint University Africa (PhD) and Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanitarian Social Services (PhD). Further education: Nanotechnology Graduate Certification (Harvard University), Certification in Nutrition Sciences Online Program and Certification in Pharmaceutical Developmental Sciences (Cornell University).

The ROOT Brands Clayton Thomas The ROOT Brands Clayton Thomas

With the ROOT concept, we have created a completely new approach to marketing products that corresponds to the free market economy and today's trends

The multifaceted concept of ROOT brands is a completely new approach to retail. Customers are the most valuable asset for a company and word of mouth is the best advertising. Customers are used to do what we do best when we are satisfied with products or services: talk about them and recommend them to others. That’s exactly what the whole “ROOTiverse” is about.

Clayton Thomas emphasizes that the greatest investment you can make is in yourself and other people: “We created our system called ROOTiversum to reward social sharing in a way never before possible. It was amazing to watch how our concept first became a process and then a movement.”

Outstanding product results combined with excellent compensation for recommendations should amaze the world: “We have mastered show and tell since our time in kindergarten. That's why we're focusing on that.” The founders want to influence other industries to follow ROOT's lead: “Take care of your customers and reward them. Then your customers will also take care of you.”

Likewise, the ROOTiversum Dr. Christina Rahm to help and heal the masses: “Health and wellness doesn’t adequately describe what we do. We want to create greatness. Size has different meanings. Ours is health and wealth.” Therefore, the oldest marketing tradition was incorporated into ROOT’s social marketing concept: “word-of-mouth” and social influence are valuable. In fact, almost all people are connected through social media: “For a company, this means investing not in marketing through social platforms, but in its customers because they create the influence and content. As a result, we built ROOT around the simple approach of 'invest in your community'!”

And ROOT brings this approach to life : “We view our ROOTiversum as the epitome of the ideal direct sales/network marketing concept. Quality and results plus trust in products or services create movements and monetizing movements creates change. And over time, more and more people will almost inevitably want to be there.”

Based on this knowledge, the ROOTiversum is currently developing into a party of unimagined proportions: “Participation is by invitation only, because that is exactly what the business model is based on, inviting people to our party. Those who are already celebrating consider the ROOT social sharing model to be a good idea more rewarding than anything they've seen before. This is how we as innovators are creating a new world of direct selling!”

Clayton Thomas
Clayton Thomas has a BA in Humanities (Economics, Communications and Kinesiology). He has over 40 years of experience in the field of integrative health (human and animal), 18 years focused on environmental toxicology: “I am with my best friend Dr. Christina Rahm married. Our four children are Duquesne (Operations), Preston (Marketing), Crider and Merritt Ella. We have two dogs, a little Pomeranian and a gangster cat.”

The ROOT Brands Clayton-Thomas Dr. Christina Rahm life hacks
The ROOT Brands Clayton-Thomas Dr. Christina Rahm life hacks

[Life hacks from the founders]

According to Dr. Christina Rahm and Clayton Thomas, we are all imperfect pieces of a perfect puzzle. We are needed as unique individuals: “If you condense our success hacks into three words, you have our most important advice for all areas of life. Create greatness! Create greatness whenever and wherever the opportunity arises!”

[Network Marketing Success Hacks]
People perform better when they are connected. Results are everything. Find what speaks to you and share it. If you feel like you have to sell, it's not a good fit yet. The true power of billion-dollar markets lies with customers. The same goes for network marketing and you. Be authentic and learn to communicate. Leverage tools, media and messaging and you will achieve massive success. Network marketing is all about relationships and communication.

[Success Hacks for Dealing with Failure]
Failure is the best school for entrepreneurial success. The greatest successes come from continued trial and error processes. Take a look at the stories of great inventors like Edison or the Wright brothers. Successful people often fail and learn from it, but their failure never stops them. So you should always “fail forward.” Transform every defeat into humility, drive, passion and use it as an opportunity to focus even better on your goal.

[Success Hacks for Inner Contentment]
Inner satisfaction does not depend on external influences. Learn to accept your individuality and work on becoming the best version of yourself. The key to inner satisfaction is to listen to yourself, find your purpose and then accept it without any ifs or buts. Don't try to imitate other people. Everything becomes easier when you embrace what makes you unique in life. Make someone smile every day.

[Success Hacks for Happiness]
An important key to your personal happiness lies in biochemistry. Neurotoxicology and neurotransmission play an essential role here. If the biochemistry is wrong, you can have everything but still think you have nothing. Make sure to feed their thinking with the right fertilizer. Like inner contentment, true happiness is the result of living life according to purpose. Here too, use your scope and your individuality and keep your purpose in mind.

The ROOT Brands - Clayton Thomas Dr. Christina Rahm The ROOT Brands I Clayton Thomas Dr. Christina Rahm

Earn money in over 60 countries with ROOT Brands' multi-tier affiliate system

The ROOT Brands business model is based on the realization that thanks to today's digitalization, everyone has almost unlimited influence. The multi-level affiliate system is now present in more than 60 countries. Both founders emphasize that ROOT's brand ambassadors are compensated according to their influence.

“To start your own ROOT Brands business, create your free customer account using the referral code you received from the person who introduced you to ROOT,” explains co-founder Clayton Thomas, handing over to his wife and co-founder Dr. Christina Rahm: “You can then pass on your referral code to your personal environment. We still advise you to start as a pure customer, because everything depends on your personal positive product experience.”

Higher incomes and higher positions depend on how often your code is shared: “Show your customers how it all works. We reward infinite volume and create significantly life-changing income for a growing number of people with great product results based solely on actual consumption!”

The top positions come from increasing the frequency with which codes are distributed at all levels. A variety of training courses take into account the broad range of ROOT Brands, with the key being authentic product stories that can be easily shared: “There are also weekly live events on Zoom and YouTube. Our YouTube channel also offers more than 200 hours of content and we are not only present on YouTube. Many of our brand ambassadors organize events in their countries.”

The fact that business mostly happens online does not change the fact that the approach to spreading the message is the responsibility of the ROOT Brands partners: “The affiliates are taking a path that also enables them to do offline business in the form of classic word-of-mouth propaganda .”

If the Internet, smartphone and/or tablet are available, ROOT Brands' multi-tier affiliate system can be accessed from anywhere in the world. “You don’t need any personal volume to earn commissions on your team’s sales,” emphasize Dr. Christina Rahm and Clayton Thomas, before concluding: “So it’s all about real consumption and customer satisfaction!” (FW)

The ROOT brands
Since 2020, Clayton Thomas and Dr. Christina Rahm founded ROOT Wellness LLC on the market and is present in more than 60 countries with her multi-level affiliate marketing system.

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